Expensive Fountains Pens Are Great. But Chinese Are Affordable For Newbies

If, like me, you coveted fountain pens in your youth; but the ones you could get in the school supplies aisle of your local KMart leaked all over your best shirt. And, the ones that didn’t were out of your budget.

Then the first question you asked when, as an adult, you wandered into your local pen store and saw all the beautiful Mont Blanc fountain pens inside was, “but how do I keep them from leaking all over?”
You will be happy to know that the technical improvements have made Fountain Pens much less likely to leak. I carry mine all over with no leaking (ok there was one exception).
The cost is not prohibitive either. That Mont Blanc is still a pretty penny, due to its quality, but due to the improvements in technology you can find inexpensive Chinese brands for under $15 and if you get on eBay I’m told you can get them for a couple  dollars. 


So now is the time to buy a fountain pen, put down the i-device, and get creative. 

5 thoughts on “Expensive Fountains Pens Are Great. But Chinese Are Affordable For Newbies

  1. Love this! FPs have definitely come a long way! I’m really amazed at what you can get from China if you’re willing to wait for the shipping. Sub $5 for a nicely working FP can’t be wrong! I bought the jinhao in your photo to convert with a Zebra G nib and it’s great! Can’t beat the cost at all, and it’s definitely more fun to DIY on a $3 pen than one of the more expensive ones 🙂

      • It’s actually a flex calligraphy nib, so you can write fine lines but when you apply pressure to the downstroke you get a broad line. Super fun! I ordered my Zebra G nibs from eBay for around $10 for a pack of 10. I needed a set of pliers to take out the tension fit nib/feed but I also ordered some extra jinhao feeds so that if I damaged one I could quickly replace it. Scarier than it sounds. I think refitting the nib is one of the most entertaining things to do with jinhao pens though 🙂 I just started using dip pens for calligraphy and it’s much more convenient to have the nib on a fountain pen.

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