My First Fountain Pen Emergency – Solved

So, it happened. After thinking how lucky I was to purchase 12 FPs from different makers, I had not had one of the problems fellow pen addicts have been experiencing with their FPs.

A few days ago I uncapped my Faber-Castell Ambition. Ink, Diamine Grape, flowing off of the base of the nib. I was finally one of the chosen ones. I had an issue.

Not one to have the confidence to tinker with things, but not wanting to wait the time it takes to send my precious FP to the doctor, I decided to attempt Emergency surgery on my own. Bring it on!

So, as I thought about what my braver fellow FP aficionados would do, ”

I heard,”push the nib in.” It seemed to work. I was proud of myself.

Now, I forgot to tell you that I carry my 12 FPs around in my briefcase to, and from, work. Lots of moving around and bumping on its way.

Next time I pulled the Ambition out of the pen case to add some grape to my latest doodle and uncapped it…grape, All over the nib base.

OK, I decided to reset it again when I noticed it also turned! So I pushed in and turned. It stopped turning and seemed to be in place.

Just took it out to use and it’s fixed. I am successful in my first attempt to correct an issue. Now, Maybe I can replace a cheap nib with a nice expensive gold one. If only I could afford it,

One thought on “My First Fountain Pen Emergency – Solved

  1. Congrats on solving your issue! I think its awesome when people DIY. For myself Ive been afraid to tinker tooooo much with my pens, but have done some minor surgery/modifications on some of the less expensive ones. With the exception of my MB 100 years which I had to triage myself because I was so frustrated I was going to throw it away lol. It was a 10 year saga…

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